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DIKSHA Training

“Teacher training Pocket book Course”

The free course has been developed by CBSE in association with Tata Trusts and is now available on DIKSHA platform of the MHRD.

निष्ठा प्रशिक्षण दीक्षा पोर्टल पर

‘Experiential Learning’ pedagogy enables students to connect the content of the learning areas and subjects with their own lives and the world around them.

This promotes self-thinking, creativity and effective study skills among students. It is a proven fact that learning by rote when replaced with learning by doing accelerates the joy,
understanding and conceptual clarity of the student.

While the teacher facilitates and guides, the student is able to evaluate, think critically, and make decisions and master knowledge by constructing it.

Teachers can follow three simple steps to join the course:

Step 1: Download DIKSHA app on Android smartphone by clicking on the link: http://bit.ly/cbse-diksha

Step 2: Sign in using existing DIKSHA account OR Sign in via Google OR Register on DIKSHA using e-mail id or mobile number

Step 3a: Scan the QR code using DIKSHA mobile application;

Step 3b: Click on the links to open the course on DIKSHA mobile application or desktop/laptop web browser: https://bit.ly/cbse-explrn-wb

It is hoped that after completion of this course, the educators will be able to make learning more joyful, reflective and multidisciplinary.

  • Teachers on successfully completion of the course can download course completion certificate from DIKSHA portal from January 1 onwards.

सभी शिक्षक /शिक्षामित्र /अनुदेशक कृपया ध्यान दें-
“मिशन प्रेरणा” के अन्तर्गत आनलाइन शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण कोर्सेज दीक्षा प्लेटफार्म पर रहे हैं जिन्हें अधिकतम 31 मार्च 2021 तक पूर्ण करने हैं,
नीचे कुल 25 कोर्सों के लिंक दिए जा रहे हैं जो सभी के लिए अनिवार्य व महत्त्वपूर्ण है..
इस कोर्स में भाग लेने के लिए इस तरह करें अप्लाई-

  • Step 1: इस लिंक पर क्लिक करके http://bit.ly/cbse-diksha ऐप डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं.
  • Step 2: दीक्षा ऐप का पर साइन इन करें या गूगल के जरिए साइन इन करें. इसके अलावा ईमेल आईडी या मोबाइल नंबर के जरिए भी आप रजिस्ट्रेशन करा सकते हैं.
  • Step 3: दीक्षा ऐप को मोबाइल एप्लिकेशन का उपयोग करके क्यूआर कोड स्कैन करें.

1 . बच्चों की भाषा : स्कूल V/S घर-

समयावधि : 1 Jan to 8 Jan

2. गणित के मुख्य कौशल (1 jan-8jan)


3.बच्चों की बात-चीत कक्षा का अहम संसाधन- ( 9jan – 15jan)


4. गणित की शिक्षण पद्धति – (9jan-15 jan)


5. बच्चों की कक्षा में सक्रिय भागीदारी- (16 jan-23 jan)


6. गणित में आकलन (16 jan – 23 jan)

7. पढ़ने-लिखने के शुरुआती व्यवहार- (24 jan-31 jan)
8. संख्याओं की शुरूआती समझ – (24 jan-31 jan)

9. कक्षाओं में प्रिंट भरा वातावरण कैसे बनाएं (01 feb-7 feb)


10. सौ तक की संख्याओं की समझ

– (01 feb – 07 feb)

11. बच्चों का पढ़ने से परिचय

– (08 feb-14 feb)
12. स्थानीय मान की समझ

(08 feb-14 feb) -https://diksha.gov.in/explore-course/course/do_31317292872474624012766?referrer=utm_source%3Dmobile%26utm_campaign%3Dshare_content

13. शुरूआती लेखन – (15 feb-21 feb)


14. स्थानीय मान कैसे पढ़ायें – (15 feb-21 feb)


15. प्राथमिक कक्षाओं में बोलने का कौशल – (22 feb-28 feb)


16. बड़ी संख्याएं और स्थानीय मान –

(22 feb – 28 feb)

17. समझ के स्तर –

(01 mar-7 mar)

18. जोड़ और घटाव-

(01mar-7 mar)

19 . प्राथमिक शालाओं में साहित्य- (8 mar-14mar)

20. बहु अंकीय संख्याओं का जोड़ और घटा- (8 mar-14mar)


21. प्रारंभिक साक्षरता में आकलन

प्रशिक्षण का समय – Mar 15th – Mar 21st

22. गुणा की समझ

प्रशिक्षण का समय – Mar 15th – Mar 21st


23. पठन की प्रक्रिया को सहारा

प्रशिक्षण का समय – Mar 22nd – Mar 28 th

24. भाग एक खोज

प्रशिक्षण का समय – Mar 22nd – Mar 28th

25. Classroom Transformation Under Mission Prerna

प्रशिक्षण का समय – Mar 29th – Mar 31st

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The system of Education in India is very vast with 85 lakhs teachers and 26 crores students. Providing equitable and quality education to all is our mandate.

But the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to close educational institutions since 20 March 2020.

This has caused an unprecedented disruption of education and affected more than 90% of the school population. The Ministry of Education, Govt. of India and State Education Departments have made concerted efforts to ensure continuity of learning through various digital platforms.

The COVID-19 has also forced all the schools/colleges to stop regular teaching-learning-assessment processes and also teacher training in face-to-face (FTF) mode.

The most ambitious NISHTHA integrated training for 42 lakhs teachers (planned through face-to-face mode) at elementary education level (Classes 1 to 8) has come to a stand still. Under NISHTHA face-to- face training, 23,137 SRGs and 17,74,728

Teachers and head teachers working in state governed schools were covered from 33 States/UTs in a span of eight months. Time bound scaling and reach of such training is still a challenge in a plural country like India, where there is huge diversity due to language, geographical locations, culture, socio economic conditions etc.

However, the learning continuum of teachers and students can not be restricted due to the lack of readiness to face the lock down or due to the diversity and huge population.

Every individual looks forward to learning something from cooking to artificial intelligence to keep them engaged as well as extending their knowledge.

Every teacher urges to improve their pedagogical competencies as there is a need to address a diverse group of students. In order to continue this learning and to reach every single teacher, pupil teachers and students irrespective of the board, affiliation etc.,

the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has planned to organise a series of online courses for these stakeholders through DIKSHA portal which will be even accessible to the individuals with a small mobile phone and minimum internet connectivity or no connectivity.

Therefore, NCERT has planned to continue NISHTHA – integrated teacher training using DIKSHA platform and reach out to 42 Lakh elementary school teachers and its further extension to all as well.

Courses for teachers will be launched sequentially and conducted in batchers. Each course varies in the time duration where there will be flexibility for teachers to complete the course.

Each course will have learning resources like video, reading material, reflective activities, practice activities, self assessment quiz etc.

NCERT will conduct courses in English and Hindi. The same will be translated in regional language by States/ UTs and be conducted in state instances of DIKSHA.

A teacher need to do self enrolment and do self learning and will be certified on course completion. DIKSHA portal will also be leveraged to conduct MOOCs in an effective manner.

This initiative of MOOCs for teachers will be a boon for learning continuously and also to reach every teacher by scaling up in a time bound manner. This will also enable equity in providing professional development to teachers.

For any further query write to: [email protected]



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